Etched Into What Remains


2019-2020 // LOOPING VIDEO

January 2021 - Etched Into What Remains is a piece that interacts with the pillar structure that still stands on the site of the boys school in Spanish. This piece takes the remains of the pillar and carves out an iteration of itself that serves as a structure of reclamation, redefinition and recognition.

The structure assumes a state of oppositional force; creating a  relief, a push back against the systemic impressionism that colonial structures imbue.



3D Model and Looping Video versions. Both versions use this 3D Model based on the pillar that stands at the site of the boys’ school in Spanish, ON. The pillar is the only thing that remains of the building. The girls’ school across the street was damagedin a fire in the 80’s and those remains still stand.

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