FEATHVR // V2 - 2020

Progression of the FEATHVR 3D Model (2018), V2 introduces a re-imagined animation set against an ambient audio track. This piece was part of the SEED UN CEDE exhibition at Aird Gallery in Toronto, ON. Exhibition dates: September 25th - November 26, 2021.

Link to exhibition page: https://airdgallery.org/2021/08/19/seed-un-cede/

FEATHVR // V2 - Sketchfab Model

This was an initial test composite for the remix of my 2018 Feather visualization (see  Original Sketchfab model for reference). This version would become the visual framework for the 2021 piece exhibited as part of the Aird Gallery SEED UN CEDE exhibition (Sept. - Nov. 2021). Model was captured and converted into a looping video piece with ambient audio accompaniment.

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