Seethe is a 7 minute soundscape based on events that transpired one evening on a streetcar in Toronto, ON. The song incorporates the voices of myself and fellow cohort from the Integrated Media stream. With the exception of the intro - which is a microphone scraping against a speaker, the ambient sounds in the song are all voice generated manipulations.

Below is an account of the events that took place:

  • It was Sunday evening and I was waiting for the Dundas St. Streetcar (headed east). The streetcar came and I got on.
  • There were three women sitting at the front of the streetcar. They were dressed in church attire & they were singing songs.
  • As the streetcar made its way east, the women began to sing Amazing Grace. We passed Bathurst St. and as we approached the bend in the street between Bathurst & Denison, a woman came running out from the Women's Residence building. She stood directly in front of the streetcar and started screaming.
  • The driver opened the door she moved around to the side and was just yelling through the open doors - she did not get on.
  • She went back to the front and laid down on the streetcar tracks. She was challenging the driver to run her over.
  • I don't remember what happened (I can't remember if she eventually walked back to Women's Residence or if the police came) but eventually she was moved to one of the sidewalks and the streetcar carried on.
  • Event was about 5-10 min total.

Seethe was screened at an exhibition/competition titled Young and Emerging Sound Artists (YESA) in Montreal, and received the Norman Jewison Charitable Foundation Scholarship at OCADU in 2001.

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