RESIDVALS is a multimedia project based the St. Joseph school for girls and St. Peter Claver & then renamed Garnier High School for boys, in Spanish,ON. The project examines the artists relationship to the site through place (the physical past & present location, historical events/occurrence) and memory(the ideas formed by visits to space during youth, recounting of family stories,published articles/books, etc.). 

RESIDVALS incorporates video, 3D modelling, and audio to carve into the complexities surrounding the site and the trailing effects of residential schools.  RESIDVALS asks if sites contain remnants or residual energies? What echoes of the past remain unheard? How do these memories pass from person-person or object-object, and will they ever be at rest?

Each piece draws from memory, photographic documentation, personal story to develop an audio-visual atmosphere/impression of the Residential School site. Each story explores the individual’s inter-connectivity to the sights and sounds(residuals) of the land.

There are four pieces in the exhibition. Use the links below to explore the exhibition (virtual) & view photos of the installation process, or visit each individual project page for more in-depth information.

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